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Technology vs. memories

“Remember when we would get picture prints and the first print off of every roll was your ‘goofy-face’ test picture?”- Angela to me.

Yes, I do. And I miss them. A lot. How did I forget about those? It’s weird how some of the details of your own life can fade over time yet you don’t recognize that they have faded.

Wait. They didn’t fade. They were replaced. By this.

Fun destroyer.

Thanks to technology, I don’t need to take a goofy first-of-the-roll-test-pic to make sure the film is advancing properly. Bummer.

I wonder what else I am going to miss out on? Yeah, goofy pics aren’t a huge thing to miss out on, and I won’t miss the pics themselves (at least not too much). What I will miss is the 30 seconds of laughing with my wife over how ridiculous I look.

I also miss photo albums. Real photo albums. With actual photos. Sure, I have a gigantic collection of pics on my PC, and I can view them anytime. But, I never clean them out. They’re unorganized. There are just too many. Plus, I have to be logged on to my computer to have other people view them. It would be kinda weird for a friend to just pick up my laptop and start looking through my digital libraries. But somehow it would be okay if I had a photo album filled with all my personal memories and people could thumb through that.

So what else does technology accidentally replace? Hmm . . .

-Face to face conversations. Because, either they’re not face to face anymore (i.e. Facebook, which I try to avoid for many reasons) or if you are face to face with someone, they’re looking at a screen and texting someone else.

-Music. Yeah, music got a lot of benefits from tech, but it also loses something (see this CNET article). Also, anything with ‘auto-tune’ involved should not also be labeled music.

– Your social life. Especially if you are an online gamer. Especially if that game has anything involving dragons.

– Your marriage. Especially if you are an online gamer. Especially if that game has anything involving dragons.

– Seinfeld. Well, not directly, but this should explain it.

– Your memory.

Currently Angela and I are working on re-building our photo albums. I want to have something physical to pass down to my kids one day. Somehow I imagine handing over a hard-drive with a hearty “Here ya go, son.” Just won’t be as meaningful as hard-copies of pictures.

The picture I found that started this whole thing. Circa 2005.



I don’t hate you, I’m just low maintenance

Let me list some characteristics of potential friend here, tell me what you think about someone like this, or if this reminds you of anyone:

  1. Never calls you.
  2. Is rarely on Facebook/Twitter/Google+, and never uses their chat functions.
  3. Will respond to about 1 in 5 invites to ‘do something’ (1 in 10 if they’re online invites).
  4. When asked what they like to do or if they like to go out, they respond with noncommittal “meh”.
  5. Doesn’t fill you in on events in their life unless you explicitly ask about said event.

Doesn’t sound like much of a friend . . . but wait! What if these are also true:

  1. When person finally calls you both pick up right where you left off.
  2. When you do manage to connect on some social network the interactions seem very substantial.
  3. Will randomly inform you of things they think you might like, right out of the blue, and you actually like said things.
  4. When you’re in trouble this person is there for you, either in person or at least emotionally, no questions asked, no judgment.
  5.  Somehow knows what has been up with you even though you don’t know what’s been up with them.

Ring any bells? Maybe an old college or high school buddy? Past work associate?

If so, let me be the first to congratulate you on having a low maintenance friend, or LMF.

You see, LMFs are a unique breed of friend. They’re like friendship camels.

Let me explain-most friends are like dogs or cats. With dogs, they are loyal, great companions, will do all kinds of stupid stuff with you just because they like hanging around you. However, their attention span is a tad short at times.  If you don’t put a certain baseline effort into the relationship the next thing you know there are holes all over your backyard, a hole under the fence, and the dog is out getting into all kinds of other mischief without you.

Doggie do
You're bored?

With cat friends you may care about them a lot, but it seems like the relationship is never quite equal. They come to you when they want to, no matter how much you call them. Sometimes they’ll come to you, but you tend to notice it’s when you have something they want. Otherwise they’re kinda indifferent to you, and if you don’t put in the work, they just mosey off and find something more comfortable for them.

Cats aren't cool Kyle

Not so with LMFs. Like camels, they’re in it for the long haul. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly large gaps of time that pass between the interactions. When they do finally connect with you it will be more than just a beer, it’ll be a talk about life, love, meaning, past, and futures. Also, they’re not afraid to cross the desert with you, to be there when you need them to be.

Camel friend.
Long time no see.

I happen to know because I am an LMF, and I have mostly LMFs. Birds of a feather tend to flock together, I guess (couldn’t resist another animal analogy). I probably don’t call you much. I probably don’t Facebook you much. I probably don’t email you too much. But I’m there when it counts most, for sure.

So look kindly on your own LMFs- sometimes we tend to put people off with our aloof nature. Sometimes we look like party poopers, or stick-in-the-muds. Rest assured though, we probably think about you more than you would guess, and our memories with you are cherished treasures for sure.

*Dedicated to all the LMFs I know (you’ll probably read this, see you next year).



When I started this blog I had every intention of dumping Facebook and moving to blogging full-time. Naive and optimistic, I know.

Fast forward several months (okay, a year) and I have made one post.


And I’m not sure how I feel about that. Embarrassed . . . maybe. . . Frustrated . . . meh . . . Amazed . . . that works. Amazed mostly at how distracting the world is. Notice I shift the blame to the world (that’s called an external locus of control for you non psych types). Blame it on Facebook, Twitter, blah, blah, blah, it’s true they are distracting at times.

I blame work. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate having a job especially when the economy is this bad. It isn’t what I do at work that makes blogging difficult but rather how I do it- by computer.

At the end of the day I have to do so many notes, electronic records, referrals, etc, that my eyeballs rebel against electronic screens. The thought of seeing any more electronically generated fonts makes me physically irritated.

But I have one weapon up my sleeve . . . this post.

Yes, this measly little post. It stands in blatant defiance opposite the crushing weight of procrastination and distraction that, until now, has been this blog. Success! I have overcome!

Never mind that no one reads this thing anyway . . . except for my wife who will likely comment below. (hint-hint-I need some comments!)