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Technology vs. memories

“Remember when we would get picture prints and the first print off of every roll was your ‘goofy-face’ test picture?”- Angela to me.

Yes, I do. And I miss them. A lot. How did I forget about those? It’s weird how some of the details of your own life can fade over time yet you don’t recognize that they have faded.

Wait. They didn’t fade. They were replaced. By this.

Fun destroyer.

Thanks to technology, I don’t need to take a goofy first-of-the-roll-test-pic to make sure the film is advancing properly. Bummer.

I wonder what else I am going to miss out on? Yeah, goofy pics aren’t a huge thing to miss out on, and I won’t miss the pics themselves (at least not too much). What I will miss is the 30 seconds of laughing with my wife over how ridiculous I look.

I also miss photo albums. Real photo albums. With actual photos. Sure, I have a gigantic collection of pics on my PC, and I can view them anytime. But, I never clean them out. They’re unorganized. There are just too many. Plus, I have to be logged on to my computer to have other people view them. It would be kinda weird for a friend to just pick up my laptop and start looking through my digital libraries. But somehow it would be okay if I had a photo album filled with all my personal memories and people could thumb through that.

So what else does technology accidentally replace? Hmm . . .

-Face to face conversations. Because, either they’re not face to face anymore (i.e. Facebook, which I try to avoid for many reasons) or if you are face to face with someone, they’re looking at a screen and texting someone else.

-Music. Yeah, music got a lot of benefits from tech, but it also loses something (see this CNET article). Also, anything with ‘auto-tune’ involved should not also be labeled music.

– Your social life. Especially if you are an online gamer. Especially if that game has anything involving dragons.

– Your marriage. Especially if you are an online gamer. Especially if that game has anything involving dragons.

– Seinfeld. Well, not directly, but this should explain it.

– Your memory.

Currently Angela and I are working on re-building our photo albums. I want to have something physical to pass down to my kids one day. Somehow I imagine handing over a hard-drive with a hearty “Here ya go, son.” Just won’t be as meaningful as hard-copies of pictures.

The picture I found that started this whole thing. Circa 2005.



It’s getting real . . .

“The nature of things is change”

No matter how well I think I understand this statement it seems change has a way of sneaking up on me.

I’ve lived in Georgia my whole life. In fact, I lived in the same house until I was 18, and the same town until I was 23. My undergrad was at a local community college, and my graduate education was only 2 hours away from that. Now, I will be moving at the end of July.

I always knew this day would come. As a kid one of my favorite movies was Home Alone. It’s still in my top 20 (okay, top 10). I loved the silliness of it for sure, especially when Harry (Joe Pesci) gets blow-torched (that sounds MUCH more morbid when you can’t see it). But I always loved the scenery of the movie, particularly the snow. I thought it would be cool to live up north (something I didn’t say out loud in the South) and actually have a white Christmas. Now I will.

As of April 15th I am officially a PhD student at a university in New York state. And just yesterday I got this in the mail, along with a welcome packet.

Student Handbook
It was all yellow.

So it’s getting real. I’ve already been to check out some places to live, and it felt kinda real then. But now, it’s real. I’ll be moving, along with my wife, to somewhere I’ve never lived before in a region I’ve never lived before. Craziness.

Even though we won’t be moving until the end of July, we’ve started packing, and sorting, and throwing-away all the stuff we don’t want anymore. And I couldn’t be more excited.

It’s gonna be hard to leave my family behind, but it won’t be forever. In the mean time, we’ll get to experience a whole new place, make all new friends, and live a completely new life.

The weirdest part is that this is all a culmination of several years of working and wishing. I did 4+ years of a B.S. degree in Psychology, then got an M.Ed. in Professional Counseling. In the hyper-competitive world of PhD applications I was able to squeak by and get 1 in 7 spot at a top-notch program. It all seemed kind of like a dream. Even after I got the acceptance it didn’t seem real . . . in the back of my mind I wondered if I would get an “oops-we-made-a-mistake-sucks-for-you” call or email. But instead I got a welcome packet.

I had help from numerous people along the way. Advisors. Mentors. Professors. Family. Friends. And this site. So now, after being a seeker of help I want to be able to extend some. I think I am going to make a series of posts about getting into a Counseling Psychology PhD program, maybe even including some resources (not that anybody reads this other than my immediate family).

There wasn’t much of a reason for this post. Just a lazy Sunday afternoon, some spare time, some spare emotions, and my wife discovering that Teen Mom is on Netflix (I can’t stand that show).  I hope you are enjoying your change as much as I am mine.