I’ve been kinda busy

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Here is a quick rundown of why-

My wife ran the Disney marathon (and rocked it). In addition to watching the marathon (which was super cool, I recommend it to anyone) we spent two days at the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios. The Magic Kingdom was cool because everything was still decorated for Christmas and I got to do all the typical Disney-ish stuff, but Hollywood Studios is where it’s at. Tower of Terror. The end.

Even though I walked away from the Tower with a sore neck that is still persisting, it was the funnest ride I have been on in a long time. And though I’m sure it will take me quite a while to live down the effeminate screaming noises I was making I would definitely do it all again.

Not to mention all the cool movie stuff. I got to see some of the costumes from my favorite moves, plus a bunch of cool stunt shows. I never went to Disney World as a kid so I kinda missed out on that “magical” Disney feeling, but Hollywood Studios came close to it.

Left- There Will Be Blood, Right- No Country For Old Men, Center- All Smiles
The Alien from . . . . well, Alien. Love it.

Aside from the marathon, I was invited to interview for a Counseling Psychology PhD program. As a consequence, some of my free time has been going to prepping for that, including but not limited to- reading research, pouring over the details of my potential new town, obsessing over sites like The Grad Cafe and Student Doctor, and generally freaking out. Oh, and dealing with the ensuing stress acne. Yes, I’m 25 and I get acne like I’m 13. Thanks for the genes mom!!!

Finally, I started a new fitness program, which has sucked up the remaining amount of time I have. Even though I work out regularly anyway, this new program involves lifting weights or cardio six days of the week. I’m hoping that as my body acclimates to the process so I can recover faster and get some more posts out.

In the mean time I’ll be working on more random day-to-day-life stuff, will probably post something significant about the Disney trip, and I am brainstorming up a multi-part guide to applying to Counseling Psychology programs.

Thanks to everyone who has picked up reading this thing, I appreciate it.

Thanks for the read,



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