Woo-hooo! Last post of 2011

Quick run-down of my last year:

1) Graduated with my M.Ed.

2) Got my LAPC

3) Applied to Counseling Psychology PhD programs.

4) Got a real job. In this economy.

5) Celebrated 4 years of being married to my beautiful/awesome/best-friend wife.

6) Got into lifting weights, now I feel great.

7) Changed my diet, now I feel great.

8) Finally started posting more on my blog

9) Gave up gaming for the better.

10) Am going into the new year with new fitness goals, new academic goals, and new life goals.

11) Completed a cliche New Year’s Eve post. Woo-hoooo!!



2 thoughts on “Woo-hooo! Last post of 2011

  1. Wow Andrew, you are a far better person than me, or is it I? Happy New Year. It gives me great joy to see you successful and happily married. You are a great son. I only hope you don’t regret allowing me into your blog becuase I make way too many mom comments:)

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